NAI BA is a small business creating baijiu based cocktails that spotlight Asian ingredients. Their Chinese New Year (CNY) Bitters is the core of each of their drinks, highlighting the traditional flavors of osmanthus, orange peel, star anise, Sichuan pepper, and chrysanthemum, while also spinning them into something new.


Symbols build a foundation of familiarity and understanding for key ingredients.
Creating non traditional symbols for the main flavors in the bitters elevates their significance, creates a visual association and act as a visual clue, hinting to what the flavors taste like--which maybe helpful for those unfamiliar with these ingredients.

Additionally, the fú (福) character, which means luck in Mandarin, and red lantern are at the center of the design as they are common symbols of the new year and of celebration in China.
Modernity walks hand in hand with tradition in a color palette that pays homage to vintage Chinese advertisements.
When meshed with the more modern graphic elements of the label, these colors create a bright, playful blend of the traditional and the new.

The use of mainly primary colors also ties back to the bitter's role as a foundation for all of NAIBA's other drinks.
Improving the world, one design at a time.