Highlight Magazine is a visually centered marijuana magazine inspired by Bauhaus, modernism, film, and surrealism, made for trailblazers and creatives by trailblazers and creatives.

The magazine's goals are three-fold: decriminalize & deconstruct misconceptions surrounding marijuana, advocate for those wrongfully imprisoned for marijuana use, and educate and build a community around purposeful usage.


A bold wordmark logo that alternates between organic and sharp--inspired by the way smoke curls in the air--takes center stage in Highlight's branding.
Highlight's surreal imagery walks the border of the familiar and strange, emulating an altered state of consciousness and inviting viewers to do a double take.
Content design heightens the surreality, while textural elements like grain, light leaks, and scratches counteract the eeriness of the visuals an added element of human familiarity and nostalgia.
Green is for grass, black is for burnt ash.
The brand's iconic color combination of striking, futuristic highlighter green and a classic, elegant, stoic black is another addition to Highlight's collection of juxtapositions.
Improving the world, one design at a time.